Delivery From the Quarry to You

Get stone directly delivered in Billings, MT

Want to build a landscape that will last? Do you love the raw, rugged beauty of real natural stone?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Since 1998, Bill Schultz Stone has provided real quarry stone to companies and homeowners in Billings, MT, and the surrounding area. Whether you’re in the market for large landscape boulders, flagstone or sandstone, we’re the company that can obtain the absolute best stone and deliver it fast.

We’re the closest quarry to Billings and we serve customers for wholesale as well as commercial or residential retail.

Stone Orders of Every Size

Wholesale and retail stonework in Billings, MT

Whether you’re purchasing bulk stone at wholesale prices, or you have a landscaping project ahead, Bill Schultz Stone can provide whatever stone you need.

We deliver to homeowners as well as professional commercial companies in Billings, MT. You contact us with an idea or a plan, tell us the color that you want, describe the size and the square footage involved, and we’ll give you a competitive quote.

We can deliver between 1 ton and 35 tons of stone. We accommodate wholesale orders as well as residential and commercial customers. We also do boulders!

Design it in Stone

Get stone design consultation in Billings, MT

Would you like to build a stone feature on a property, but you need help understanding what will work?

Bill Schultz Stone is experienced at providing expert stone design to businesses and homes in the Billings, MT, area. We’ll come to your property and help with the grading and establish what will work best in a specific location. Our friendly and professional team will provide guidance as far as stonework aesthetics, and we can recommend the materials and process for building a feature that will look excellent for many years to come.

Build a Solid Retaining Wall

Get stone retaining walls installed in Billings, MT

Is your commercial or residential property in Billings, MT, in need of a retaining wall? Bill Schultz Stone is experienced at installing retaining walls for a variety of aesthetic and landscape services.

We’ll come to your property, help with the design and we’ll advise you as to what will work best for your property. Our friendly and professional team will create a strong wall that will last for years to come. Or we can provide you with the stone that you need to build it for yourself!

Get Stone Delivered ASAP!

Get Stone Delivered ASAP!

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