Build a Great Wall of Stone

Get retaining wall installation in Billings, MT

If your property needs a retaining wall, don’t trust just any landscaping company. Bill Schultz Stone is the experienced quarry company that can install a beautiful and lasting retaining wall made of natural stone on your property.

Trust our Stone Builders

The Bill Schultz Stone team will come to you, help with the design and we’ll advise you as to what will work best for your unique space. Our friendly and professional team will create a strong wall that will last for many years to come. Or we can provide you with the stone that you need to build it for yourself!

A Good Investment

A natural stone retaining wall from Bill Schultz Stone in Billings, MT, will:
• Prevent debris and soil from spilling into your landscape
• Create a beautiful boundary in your yard
• Provide a raised area for gardening